Re: Using mc via telnet

Hi, Ferdi!

When I use mc via telnet, the F keys don't repsond. One of the key
implications is I can't quit
mc without going to the machine I"m logged in as, and killing the mc

Just use the command "exit" - it will close mc.

Just for record - it only works in the subshell is enabled.  "exit" won't
work if you run mc with "-u".

How can I make the Fkeys work when telnetting ?

Wojtek told you how to use Esc 1 etc.
But mc has a learning facility.
Do Esc9 to get to the menu, look for the "Learn Keys" option (I think it is
under Config) and read the instructions.

If there is any item in the menu that needs a hotkey most, it's "Learn
Keys", yet it has none.

If your current F1 - F10 keys generate any sensible action, mc will be able
to understand them.

The long way would be to check what terminfo expects for your terminal
type for kf1  trough  kf10. (Can anybody tell me how to do this???)

Run "infocmp" and read "man terminfo" to understand the output.

and then in your telnet terminal emulator, you set your definitions for F1 -
F10 to send the required sequences.  If you have followed this route, other
applications (not as clever as mc) might also function better if they use

Yes.  "Learn Keys" is just a cheap substitute to making the keys work as
they are described in terminfo and/or termcap.

Pavel Roskin

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