Re: Using mc via telnet

On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Cappellini, Tony wrote:

Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 17:06:32 -0600
From: "Cappellini, Tony" <Tony_Cappellini maxtor com>
To: "'mc gnome org'" <mc gnome org>
Subject: Using mc via telnet


When I use mc via telnet, the F keys don't repsond. One of the key
implications is I can't quit
mc without going to the machine I"m logged in as, and killing the mc

How can I make the Fkeys work when telnetting ?

Reading man page for mc would certainly help.
Let me quote:

The  Midnight  Commander  uses the F1 - F10 keys as keyboard shortcuts for
commands appearing in the file menu. The escape sequences for the Fkeys are
terminfo  capabilities  kf1  trough  kf10.   On  terminals  without function
key support, you can achieve the same functionality by pressing the ESC key and
then  a  number  in  the range 1 through 9 and 0 (corresponding to F1 to F9 and
F10 respectively).

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