Re: Nasty MC bugs still not fixed

Hi, Pavel!

    3) while copying large amount of files (>4GB), the size progress
  bar everytimes == 0%

I could not reproduce it on RedHat Linux 7.1 (i386) with the CVS version
of MC.

Note that --enable-largefile is default in CVS, but not in 4.5.55.  You
shouldn't expect MC compiled without large (64-bit) file support to work
correctly with large files.

Try disabling largefile and _then_ copying eight 1Gig files. That
is what he is talking about. [Not that I tried to reproduce this bug
-- I do not have 4GB of diskspace

I see.  Actually, MC uses "double" in some places where the file sizes are
added together, e.g. in the status bar, when files are selected.

However, I think that using "off_t" would be more appropriate than

1) Large file support will be default soon.  The only reason why it wasn't
default in 4.5.55 is because VFS uses field names such as "stat", and
Solaris uses "#define stat stat64" somewhere in the headers if the large
file support is enabled.  I'm going to fix this problem before 4.6.

2) 64-bit integer arithmetics is faster than floating point on 32-bit
machines (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Finally, let me repeat - you don't need 4G of free space to create a 4G
long file.  Use "seek" option in "dd":

dd if=/dev/null of=bigfile bs=1M seek=4096

Pavel Roskin

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