Re: Re: Bug: sizes of big dirs

Hi, Radovan!

(hmm, Your name looks Czech, maybe I could write Slovensky, but
I rather always write english, so my mails are "portable"  ;-)

You could better try it with Pavel Machek, developer of VFS (virtual file
system) for MC.

You didn't dissapoint me, but, sorry, maybe I must dissapoint You.
Reading some of the docs, I thought, that GNOME is the preffered
version and the text-mode version could be abandoned in future. But
what I'm more interested in, is the text-mode version.

I don't think you can find such docs in mc-4.5.55.

I was only afraid, because for a long time (since August 2000 till
March 2001) there seemed to be no progress ( I dont' look to CVS, I'm
only looking for new releases, and there was no new release).

That's because its main developer Miguel de Icaza was to busy with the
GNOME project.  Fortunately, I could continue his efforts.

On the other hand (looking at the Windows Commander on M$ Windows),
we should either get to such a text-mode version, that will have
_all_ keys working under X, or the Gnome version is good alternative.

GNOME edition was never meant to be a better MC, i.e. something that MC
users could use with the same keyboard shortcuts etc.  It was a hack to
make a filemanager for GNOME quickly.

A better MC for X is called XNC.  You can take it from

E.g. on local X don't work Ctrl-arrows (jumping to next/previous
word), and on remote (from X-Win32 on Windows) Delete acts as
Backspace for me.

I think that "Options"->"Learn Keys" can help you.

But there are things that "Learn Keys" cannot do.  You can use
--with-tm-x-support while configuring MC - this would link MC with libX11,
so that it will recognize more keys when it's running in xterm.  But this
functionality is very limited now.

(But maybe I'm lame to make all keys work, or maybe set-up of
Slackware 8 is different from what mc expects, or someone should pass
me a good introduction to terminals, terminal database files e.t.c.)

Maybe MC should just suggest using "Learn Keys" more agressively.  I
recently met another MC user who had problems with keys and wasn't aware
of "Learn Keys".

On the other hand, I would like to avoid implementing another "clippy" -
"It looks like you have never used this terminal before.  Do you want to
configure some keys?" :-)

Pavel Roskin

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