Re: Q:<home>+<end> keys in mc/mcedit

Hi Pavel,

Got it to work with "Learn Keys". It had something to do with RTFM.



On 31 Aug 2001, at 11:14, Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hi, Casper!

I'm using 4.5.55 (downloaded yesterday), and I'm still not able to get it to
learn these keys in the "Learn Keys". It is as <home> and <end> is not
beeing interperted by MC. Both these keys function fine with bash.

Please tell us what terminal you are using.  From bash, run the following
command and send the output:

echo $TERM

It was discovered soon after the 4.5.55 release that Learn Keys doesn't
work properly with ncurses.  Please run "mc -V" and send the output so
that I can see whether it's the case for you.

I don't know how Home and End work with bash, but let's see whether they
output anything.  Run "dd" and press Home and End.  Please tell me what
you see on the screen.

Finally, please describe step-by-step how you are using "Learn Keys".  It
may happen that you are confused by the interface, then I would get an
idea how to improve it.

Pavel Roskin

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