Re: Recovering Deleted Data with MC

Hello, Augusto!

I am afraid, I just deleted a very important directory on my Red Hat 6.2
in my company.

If it's a very important directory then please be very careful.  First of
all, don't write anything to that disk.  Don't boot from that disk.

If the data are very important, I recommend that you make a copy of the
disk or the partition using "dd" (remember - don't boot from the damaged
disk!).  Work with the copy of the partition, so that you can make another
copy of the original partition is it doesn't work the first time.

You can search for more information on the Web. The first thing I found
was Ext2 Undeletion HOWTO at

And I saw the inodes on my HD, and the information is there ....

Can I use MC to recovery my deleted data ? How ? Is that possible ?

If MC is compiled with ext2 undeletion support, it has a command "Undelete
files (ext2fs only)" in the "Command" menu.  Make sure that the defice to
be recovered is not mounted.  Enter the partion name when asked.

You should see a list of files with strange names.  You can use the viewer
and "Find File" to identify the files that need to be recovered.  Copy
them to a safe location.

Note that ext2 doesn't even promise 100% recovery.  But I wish you luck.

Pavel Roskin

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