Midnight Commander on Solaris 7 (was Appreciation for Midnight Co mmander)

Hi Pavel ...

After that encouragement I had another go... This time with 4.5.99a and
success :-) - but not without some learning opportunities!

The first problem was that I didn't have glib installed. That's probably
what defeated me last time. Now I knew enough to go to sunfreeware.com and
download a copy. Then I had to install that... Next, there were still
compile problems, this time due to glib not being in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. So I
had to track down where it was installed and work out what the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH entry should be (/usr/local/lib, in my case). For me, this
was not a trivial process!!!

With those things sorted out, it compiled!!!

It's almost working but I have some keyboard issues, which learn keys won't
I don't have access to the systems at the moment so I can't check it out
completely but I know that F1 doesn't work (Solaris gets that one - no big

I will report back when I have a chance to do a full check on what is
working and what isn't



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To: Peter Tootill
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Subject: RE: Appreciation for Midnight Commander

Hello, Peter!

The talk of a Windows port made me get quite excited!!

I have tried compiling on Solaris 2.7 but it  failed - much to my
disappointment (I'm not much of a compiler and I didn't 
have much time and I
wasn't on this list then, so I didn't report back, maybe 
this is well known

Please be assured that I would never release a new version of Midnight
Commander with _known_ compile problems on any UNIX or POSIX 
system (BeOS
doesn't count due to select() braindamage).

Please report the bug as described in the following documents:

Pavel Roskin

Abilitec - Three time winners at the Enterprise Awards 2001 as sponsored by
Lloyds TSB, Microsoft and The Financial Mail

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