tree display

Hello Pavel,

I have browsed the recent mailings in your two
lists (users/developers) and I have got the
determined impression that you are personally a
valuable acquisition for Midnight Commander.
It is indeed about time for the cleanup after all
the Gnome damages. Thank you for good sense.

I understand your TODO list is full and
overflowing, less clear are your priorities - at
least to me. Allow me some lobbying on a point that
seems to rank low with you: the tree display.

It is buggy, it has been buggy for years, and
strange acquiescence is visible: MC maintainers
never seem to have been in a hurry on this point.

Here is a user who thinks the tree display needs
urgent therapy. Not just its bugs, its
functionality is an issue. Please when you come
around to it (hope soon) introduce an option to
navigate the tree the same way we navigate the tree
in Windows Explorer. That's the natural way while
nobody ever has taken a liking for MC's
static/dynamic aberration, sorry navigation.

Thank you again.


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