Re: Opening StarOffice files from MC doesn't work.

Hello, Alexander!

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Alexander Skwar wrote:

So sprach ╩Pavel Roskin╚ am 2001-11-12 um 17:47:26 -0500 :
StarOffice 6.0, unlike StarOffice 5.2, interprets files without full path
as files in the user's "work directory", not in the current directory, as 
most programs do.  MC should force full patch on files when invoking 

Hmm, how about another approach?  If the filename does not already start
with a / (and thus is a full path) or starts with ~, prepend a ./ before
the filename.  Also don't prepend ./ if the filename starts with ftp://
and the like.  Shouldn't this work?

There is no "percent sequence" for this, just like there is no sequence to 
force full path.  One of them has to be implemented anyway, and I see no 
additional complexity in adding the whole path, not just "./".  Full path 
is better because:

1) it will work in scripts that do "cd".
2) it will allow creating URLs for dumb html viewers in form of 
file://filename_with_path - needed for gnome-moz-remote.

I don't think that forcing full path in every case is a good idea - it may 
easily exceed the command line length limit, especially when applied to 
all selected files.

I'm considering two solutions:

1) Change %f, but not %s expand to the full path.  Programs that take more
than one argument are supposed to be "good" enough to use the current

2) Introduce another modifier (in addition to 0 and 1, see comments in
src/user.c), probably "l" to force path expansion.  Use %lf for "bad"  
programs (StarOffice, gnome-moz-remote).

Aesthetically, I prefer the later, but I haven't tried to implement it yet

Pavel Roskin

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