Re: [PMH] Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.

So sprach Miguel de Icaza am Wed, May 23, 2001 at 07:34:47PM -0400:
But here is a problem for you:

      How do you make that work in other languages other than

Uh?  If something like GConf would be used, it should contain something like
this (Note: I know nothing about how GConf works...):

        <GNOME Tag>
        </GNOME Tag>
        <Display LANG=EN>
        <Display LANG=DE>
                _Eigene Dateien

This means, programs should ask GConf for the 'Location' of a 'GFS-Dir' with
the 'GNOME Tag' and how to 'Display' it in a chosen 'LANG'.  So, XChat would
ask GConf: 'Please tell me where the direcotry used for 'Documents' ('GNOME
Tag') is, and how I should 'Display' it in German ('LANG=DE').'.  GConf
would say: 'Display this as '_Eigene Dateien' and use the folder

You get the idea?

This would easily allow distributors and translators to do some setup, and
nothing would be hardcoded.

      1. Create the directories with their english names, show them
           with english names on the file system view, but on the
           `shortcuts' on file save/open dialogs use the translated

Uh?  Why create directories?  Directories should be created at the very
first time GNOME is run (or when a given directory does not exist), when
Language changes (but only after asking about this) and/or when explicitely
told to (eg. by a button in the Control Center).

      4. Use `Unix' names for the various elements, and have "user
         names" which are shown into a few applications (file
         dialogs, file manager virtual directories).

         ~/docs       Shown as _("Documents")
         ~/bin        Shown as _("Programs")
         ~/packages   Shown as _("Software")
         ~/desktop    Shown as _("Desktop")

This causes a lot of confusion.  In Nautilus I see 'Documents', but I cannot
find a direcotry called 'Documents' in the shell.  Hmm, this also cancels my
idea about '<Display LANG=XY>' above.  Well, translations should then be
done in the '<Location>' tag.

Alexander Skwar
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