Fail to perform configure on solaris 8

I am trying to compile mc on my Solaris system. As described in instruction
- I performed :
./configure --prefix=/h/psimonov/FileMgr/mc_bin --without-x --without-gnome
--without-xview --with-glib-prefix=/h/psimonov/FileMgr/glib | & tee

in file my_conf.log I see this error message:
checking for glib-config... (cached) no
checking for GLIB - version >= 0.99.7... no
*** The glib-config script installed by GLIB could not be found
*** If GLIB was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in
*** your path, or set the GLIB_CONFIG environment variable to the
*** full path to glib-config.
But in fact GLIB_CONFIG is set and point to glib-config script:
psimonov xserver-~/FileMgr/mc-4.5.9-51 $GLIB_CONFIG
Usage: glib-config [OPTIONS] [LIBRARIES]

Some one has any idea - what is going on?

Simonovsky Pavel
Multiplatform CONTROL-M       New Dimension Software
Software Engineer
Voice: + 972 3  7664648
Fax:   + 972 3  6451100
Email: Pavel_Simonovsky bmc com

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