Re: RFC: Separate config files for editions

Hi, Miguel!

I suggest that MC and GMC use different config files instead of the same
~/.mc/ini. Since MC keeps more useful data in that file I suggest that GMC
changes the ini file.

That sounds good, but we need a migration path to preserve the
settings of users that might have made changes to their gmc

I think that the easiest way would be to make gmc read ~/.mc/ini if the
"native" ini-file cannot be found.

I actually looked what mc and gmc save, and there are two things we may
still want them to share:

1) VFS settings. They are partly in [Midnight-Commander], partly in [Misc]
section in ~/.mc/ini.

2) [Panelize] section in ~/.mc/ini.

All other config files (Tree, history) and sections should be separate.

Pavel Roskin

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