RFC: Separate config files for editions


I suggest that MC and GMC use different config files instead of the same
~/.mc/ini. Since MC keeps more useful data in that file I suggest that GMC
changes the ini file.

I don't think that another "compatibility move" is needed (we have already
on in the sources). It's not really hard to reconfigure GMC, and its
defaults are safe.

As the first step GMC will be using use ~/.mc/gmc.ini. Then I'll
investigate the possibility to use ~/.gnome/gmc for that purpose. I don't
know if it's possible for the code in setup.c to lock a file for the time
it's being written and whether the GNOME libraries will respect that lock.
Whether it works or not, I'll try to settle for a certain file before
4.5.55 to avoid further changes.

The reason is that several options have very different meanings in MC and
GMC. For example, if the "Layout->command Prompt" option is unchecked in
MC it makes it almost useless - there is no command prompt. On the other
hand, you don't have to use Alt-S to start search on panels.

There is no setting for command prompt in the GMC menu, but it affects the
panel search in the same way as it does MC. So either you have command
prompt in the text edition _OR_ you have fast (without Alt-S) search in
the GNOME edition!

I fixed this problem yesterday, but I think that's not the only problem of
that kind. Actually, unsetting "Configuration->shell Patterns" makes
filters in GMC rather inconvenient to use (for me at least), while it may
be handy in MC.

Also I would like to implement three types of file sorting -
case-sensitive, case-insensitive and locale specific (strcoll). The
problem is that the defaults for MC and GMC should be different. I also
don't want that MC overwrites the settings of GMC and vice versa. And I
don't want to be forced to implement it for both MC and GMC in the same

Pavel Roskin

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