Re: Proposed default color change

Hello, Miguel!

mc -C dhotnormal=blue,lightgray:dhotfocus=blue,cyan

Tried that, and it looks pretty ugly on linux console.

Maybe we can change the colors based on TERM?

Idealy I would like to be able to have any settings for the TERM. Say, I
want pause after run only when TERM=vt220.

It would also be nice to have persistent setting for what is now using
command line switches. For example, force "stickchars", force color and
disable subshell on vt420.

But the interface would be hard to work with, both for developers and for

Anyway, I'm planning to tie all options in the "Display bits" dialog to
the terminal - they are not very meaningful as global options.

Another thing that I might implement (but not for mc-4.5.55 unless
somebody send a patch) is reading all settings from the section for the
current terminal and overriding the common settings. This way I'll be able
to edit .mc/ini by hand to tweak my preferences for different terminals.

Pavel Roskin

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