Re: MC on Solaris 2.5.1 report

Hi, David!

util.c: In function `get_current_wd':
util.c:916: warning: implicit declaration of function `getwd'

This is just a warning, but I'll have a look anyway.  It looks like the
logic is a bit twisted there.

util.c: At top level:
util.c:1360: parse error before `__extension__'

I'm impressed!  This code is taken verbatim from gcc-3.0 which is supposed
to bootstrap on much older machines.  Actually, I missed one thing, but it
would not help you - __extension__ is defined in gcc headers to an empty
string for gcc older that 2.0 (and you have

Anyway, using 64-bit random values doesn't seem to be worth the trouble as
long as security is not affected (it is not, as far as I understand).

I've replaced gcc_uint64_t with "unsigned long".  The new snapshot is
waiting for you to grab :-)

Thank you for your contribution.  Please report you progress.

Pavel Roskin

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