Re: Running MC on diffrent workstations.

Hi, Francis!

Can I run MC on diffrent workstations if it's installed in my home

Could you please give more details?  I'm sorry that I have to remind you
such trivial things, but you should always mention the OS name and version
as well as the version of the software that exhibits the problem (i.e.
Midnight Commander).

It is also unclear how you are running MC on two workstations.  Is your
home directory shared over NFS?  Are the OS versions the same on both

This is what I get when I try to run it from another workstation:

gibsons[fkwok][45]% ./mc ./mc: fatal: relocation error: file ./mc: symbol vsnprintf:
referenced symbol not found

Perhaps that system has an older OS with libc without vsnprintf.  You
could try to compile MC on the older system if you want to run it on both
- it has better chances to succeed.

Actually, MC doesn't use vsnprintf() directly - it uses a wrapper from
glib.  So you should recompile glib as well.

Pavel Roskin

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