Re: tab space problem with edit

Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> writes:

Hi, Jonathan!

On 13 Jul 2001, Jonathan Blandford wrote:

There's a bug in the redhat bugzilla that I probably won't fix.  Where
should I report it to?  Does mc use bugzilla at all?

The list has moved - next time write to mc gnome org

There are two places where I check for bugs sometimes - and  The later is supposed to be
more "official", but I doubt that anybody else from the MC team uses them,
not to mention that I have no access to close bugs on either of bugzillas.

Please close this bug - I have just fixed it in CVS.

Thanks a lot.  There are a few more gmc/mc bugs in redhat bugzilla.  I'd
like to go through today or monday and try to move them out as I don't
think anyone at Red Hat will be fixing them anytime soon.  I would like
to close them soonish; should I move them to gnome bugzilla?


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