Re: [Adam Purkrt <adampurkrt yahoo com>] Midnight Commander - FTP vfs improvement

Hi, Adam!

sorry to bother you, but I would like to suggest the following
improvement in vfs/utilvfs.c (the patch is against mc-4.5.52)

Please next time make patches either against 4.5.54 or (preferrably)
against the snapshot from

!     at    = strrchr (pcopy, '@');

I understand that it fixes your problem, but it seems too kludgy. I don't
want to play such dirty games when it comes to authentication. The right
solution is to implement quoting in the VFS names.

One more suggestion/wish - what about adding an option (e.g. to "Listing
mode" dialog or to "Layout" dialog)
to remove the title line from panel(s) (I mean Name|Size|MTime). In fact
I have things set up so that I have only names in the panels and
additional informations in ministatus (and so the title line is quite
useless to me, but I think it would be even if I used "Full file list");
removing the title line would also give one more line in the pannels and
the panels would look better.

I suggest that we add new options after we fix the existing ones.
Currently, "auto menus" has no effect. Also several options that ought to
be terminal-specific are global.

Another problem is that the documentation system in MC is somewhat broken
and nobody has fixed it yet. This means that the new features will be hard
to document.

I'm glad to see people hacking MC, but the hacks are mostly aimed to
reduce its maintainability by adding new features instead of fixing or
removing things that are already supposed to work.

For comparison, a significant part of the patches to GNU Autoconf do
exactly the opposite (better testsuite, making macros consistent etc).

Pavel Roskin

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