Re: mime & mailcap


I can't get gmc configured to display files according to
the mime-type. I tried:

1) configure the applications in the gnome configuration, e.g.
   'display' (imagemagick) for image/jpeg

The code for loading the icons from the GNOME mime type database is
present in gmc 4.5.55 (file gnome/gicon.c, function
gicon_get_icon_for_file), but apparently doesn't work.  Fixes are welcome.

2) If I try to 'Edit mime types' in gmc, nothing happens at all
   -- no dialog, no error message, just nothing.

The menu just causes gmc to run "mime-type-capplet".  No errors are
reported if this progarm doesn't start.

I think that gmc should be running the following command instead:

gnomecc --capplet=file-types-capplet

So what to do now ?

You could look for information about MIME type implementation in GNOME and
implement it correctly in gmc.  Since the GNOME frontend is now on a
separate branch, I'm open to any patches that don't break the existing

Pavel Roskin

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