ANNOUNCE: GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.55

Hello everybody!

GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.55 has been released.

Development of the GNOME frontend will continue on the stable branch only:
"Branch_MC_4_5_x".  All GNOME support will be removed from the head branch
in the next few days.


- Mostly bugfixes and portability fixes.  Making things work as they
  were meant to work.

- Text edition improvements.
        - Ctrl-O supported in the viewer and editor.
        - Better terminal support.  Should not need "Learn Keys" on rxvt
          and xterm in most cases.

- GNOME edition improvements.
        - Find dialog rewritten.
        - Editor and viewer ask whether to save modified file when
          closed from window manager.

- Editor.
        - New syntax rules - S-Lang, PO files, Octave.
        - Alt-B goes to matching bracket.

- Portability improvements.
        - Should compile out-of-box on Cygwin and QNX Neutrino.
        - Can be compiled by BSD make.
        - Subshell and VFS code are safer and more portable.

- Experimental features (disabled by default).
        - Charset conversion support.
        - Large (64-bit) file support on 32-bit systems.


The source tarball is currently available here:

Note that the final location will be

Any help with moving the tarball to the final location (or giving me
access to do so) will be appreciated.

Pavel Roskin

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