Re: mc...

Hi, Riccardo!

  i've seen with pleasure that you're still hacking at mc...

I'm mostly fixing things and applying other people's patches. I don't
remember ever implementing a new feature in MC. I'm probably a wrong
person to ask,

i've got to ask you a feature... I'd like gmc to show small icons when
not in "icon mode", instead of showing just directories and an "*" for
executable files...

Next time please specify the version of the software you are using. I
think it's written in every FAQ about bug reports, and some people don't
do it.

Anyway, I could reproduce your problem with the CVS version of GMC.

I've looked at the sources but didn't find anything useful... i'll
keep on looking but maybe you could make me happy in a few minutes...

There are few icons in the xpm format in the "gnome" directory.
dir-close.xpm is used for directories. link.xpm is used for links.

Just make a similar icon for the files and use it in the same way. You
would have to find where e.g. link.xpm is used. But if you want to have
your changes submitted please discuss them on the list, not in private.

The mailing list for MC and GMC users is mc gnome org

Pavel Roskin

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