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I'm a relatively new user of Midnight Commander. I have recently started
using it as my only file manager, as I find other file managers too
cluttered or too interwinded with desktop environments.

One feature I like about MC is "quick view" (C-x q), or the ability to
use one of the panes to quickly preview files. However, I have noticed
that it doesn't work as well as the file viewer (F3). Some examples:

- When quick view is open, hovering on some types of files (especially
  zip files and derivatives such as epub, docx, jar) results in a big
  red popup that needs a keypress to be dismissed, and then their
  content is not displayed
- Some of the files that ca be successfully rendered in the viewer (e.g.
  HTML, images*, PDF) show up as plain text/binary dumped as ASCII
  instead in quick view
- Directories show the string "Cannot view: not a regular file" but it
  might be a good feature to show the contents, or maybe a short
  description of it ("X images, Y documents")
- I've probably encountered more but I think those are the main ones

*as a side note, for some reason, I can't get images to show in the
viewer; I have taken a look at images.sh and installed geeqie as
required by the script, but it seems like nothing is happening.

I am happy to work on these items myself, if the maintainer(s) of the
project could confirm that it would be welcome, and compatibly with my
university commitments.

Riccardo P. Bestetti

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