mc extfs - option of delayed subdirectories read


Is there any work/idea about option for extfs to have subdirectories listed after entering them?

Currently all subdirectories recursively must be given after the first list.

What I would like to add is to have each subdirectory requested separately when entered.

This would allow using extfs when getting the full recursive list is costly/slow/unnecessary.

What is needed is some kind of convention. Here:
author proposed that if the first line starts with
Then the list is not recursive.  I believe slightly better convention is needed.

Was there any though/discussion on the matter?

Specifically I would like to add databricks fs to extfs and without non-recursive listing this does not make sense.

What do you think about something like this:

### option: non-recursive

So in the future we can do:

### option: A
### option: B
### option: C



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