random "characters" in filename field


In this image they are drawn to the right of icewm session (7 on line 25) and rdoc
(8 on line 40). This framebuffer screen happens to be 180x56 (1440x900). Font is
256char 8x16 font from file /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/default8x16.gz.

This is v4.8.22 on openSUSE 15.1, but I've been seeing these spurious characters
at random following fullscreen redraws going back many releases and across
different distros.

This last instance captured for this screenshot resulted following this key sequence:


on the plain text file default-xsession.desktop, and is repeatable, as is:


NAICT, those "random" characters are drawn in the same location drawn while the
file was in view.
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