Re: Midnight Commander 4.8.19 released


On Sun, 5 Mar 2017, Sergei Trofimovich wrote:

Yay! Looks like a set of vfs shell helpers were added in here.

If I remember correctly, no new helpers, but many existing helpers turned out to be broken and were fixed after the test suite was introduced.

When running 'make check' I have single extfs test failure:
   # FAIL:  1
   See tests/src/vfs/extfs/helpers-list/test-suite.log

Thanks, we'll have a look.

The log file is missing actual diff. I suggest adding diff output inline to ease bug reporting.

Might be a good idea, I thought the diff was generated in the temporary directory, but apparently, this is not the case.

And a few others. These tests look fragile.

That's very curious, because the tests shouldn't be actually using the tools themselves, but they should rather be only checking whether the extfs scripts are still able to parse pre-recorded output of the tools.

Therefore, I would hope that it's not version drift of the tools, but rather coreutils / awk / ... whatever the scripts depend upon to parse pre-recorded output, and as such you have identified a valid problem with parsing not being robust enough / working differently with newer coreutils / awk / etc. Or else, in your case, real output is used instead of mocked stuff, which would be truly bizarre, but would also point to a valid problem with the test suite.

One thing is clear though, something's gone wrong here, could you please be so kind to create a ticket? Thanks!

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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