bad timestamps mc-4.8.19 copy from archive

(I mistakenly sent to non-devel list.)

Anyone else using openSUSE or Fedora seeing this:

To reproduce:
1-left pane, enter some tar.gz or .bz2 archive, e.g.
saved locally
2-select all files with * key and dirs with INS
3-F5 -> ENTER

Actual behavior:
All files from archive show current timestamps

Expected behavior:
Files and directories inherit individual timestamps from archive

I first noticed this some weeks ago when busy and no time to follow-up before
forgetting. Tonight I updated two TW systems, then found a BS package for Fedora
25 and tried. All three suffer this. I recognize nothing in changelog. Ordinary
copy continues to work as
expected. :-(

I find Trac difficult to use for searching. Is there an open bug for this? I
didn't find one, but I don't know if I'm searching it right.

Reverting to 4.8.17 solves.
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