Re: root:root ownership of ~/.local/share/mc

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 05:55:04PM +0200, David Martín wrote:
I'm not sure if this is to be considered as a bug or if it is

It definitely is not a bug, merely a user misunderstanding.

just an «unfortunate coincidence». In case it's of any use I
will report:

I am an active user of mc. After a fresh install of GNU/Linux 
(mostly Ubuntu flavors) my first steps look like

  $> sudo apt install mc
  $> sudo mc -or- sudo mcedit whatever.cfg

This leads to mc creating a config folder in the first-user home 
directory owned by root. Later, when getting into everyday routines 
I realise about it (no history, no clipboard-file-copies are 
allowed to me) and I have to «sudo chown -R ...» to fix it.

You need to understand what sudo(1) does with the environment.  When 
invoked as you did, $HOME is not changed, so mc does as you describe,
as would any other user software which wants to create a config file 
or directory.

You might be interested in sudo's "-i" option.  But that too is a 
tradeoff; if you have set anything you like in your own 
~/.local/share/mc, it won't be applied, because mc would look for the 
one in /root.

In the future if you have a question that actually pertains to mc, 
please post to the users' list, "mc gnome org".  It's very low 
traffic, most of the time, so don't worry about that; go ahead and 
  Offlist GMX mail is seen only if "/dev/rob0" is in the Subject:

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