mc^2 news (july 2016)

Hi folks!

A new release of mc^2 is out. It's mainly a maintenance release,
so there aren't many exciting new features.


The C side:

  - The branch is rebased against mc 4.8.17.

The Lua side:

  - A few minor bug fixes.

  - New module: "dynamic skin"

    It lets you change the skin automatically depending on
    the directory you're in.

    So, for example, when you're examining an old backup disk
    you've mounted, or when you're on a remote machine, or when
    you're browsing a panelized or filtered listing, or when
    you're in a read-only directory, you can get a very
    noticeable visual indication reminding you of this.

  - New module: "colon"

    It lets you type :commands :like :these on the
    command-line (or in the editor). Like in 'vi'.
    E.g., you can rename files by typing:


    (This launches Visual Rename, where you can inspect
    the changes before committing them.)

  - The snapshots module can now save/restore panelized listings.

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