mc^2 news (january 2016)

Hi folks!

mc^2 is a Lua energized version of MC:

So, what's new in mc^2 since its announcement here in May 2015? Lots
of minor things. Lots of non-minor things. But I won't bore you with
lengthy lists. The highlights:

* The git commit history was rewritten. It now consists of around 90
  commits that go from genesis to today.

* New users can get an impression of mc^2 instantly: just run it and
  a dialog will pop up asking you if you want to enable some "factory
  defaults" goodies.

  You no longer need to configure mc^2 if you just want to take it
  for a test-drive!

Some new scripts:

* You can drag dialogs with the mouse. Dialogs with help pages
  have "?" icon at their corner.

* "Restore selection"

* "Size calculator"

* A front-end for scanimage(1).

You can see much of these features on the screenshots page:

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