Re: mc-4.8.14 hangs on select for 10 seconds at startup

Thank you very much for investigating this issue. At least we know the source of the trouble.

I have to say I'd forgotten about the problem. At the time I was installing Arch Linux to a new box and wanted to use my own compiled mc instead of the factory supplied version. I had much trouble with the factory login scripts and ended up completely redoing them. They were very convoluted and I stripped them down to something simple.
The problem went away and I haven't seen it since.
I also recall it only happened with my compiled version of mc and not the binary version
that came with the system. Arch has all kinds of oddball hacks to it.

My PROMPT_COMMAND is normal now:

echo -ne "\033]0;${USER} ${HOSTNAME}: ${PWD}\007"

as set in /etc/bash.bashrc, and no problems these days. I do not recall what it was at the
time, and I cannot find any trace of old PROMPT_COMMAND variables.

I've had trouble with subshell from the start on this system. Occasionally something happens on return from command and subshell hangs. CTRL-C will break it. Other times it hangs on return and I have to kill the terminal window. I have not figured what triggers these situations yet. It could be something with factory bash from Arch. When I had PROMPT_COMMAND issues
I had no subshell at all.

Peace and Cheer

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