Re: Ticket comment rejected and lost

Dear developers,

So, it's happening again, and I'm pissed off again.  The following
comment to bug 3417:

I'm really not happy with this change, it breaks quite a few skins,
including the default one with TERM=xterm (that is, 256 colors are
*not* available and bold+bright is indeed bold).  The result is quite
ugly as the vertical bar changes to bold, and I don't like its
foreground color change either.  See the screenshot, it was taken with
konsole.  (Note: konsole hand-draws the line drawing characters and
applies bold to them.  The issue might not be visible with other
terminals that either take these chars from the font (if the bold font
doesn't actually make these bolder), or if the terminal hand-draws
these chars but doesn't apply bold, such as gnome-terminal.)

Could you please revert the change (especially if a .14 release is due
soon as I suspect)?

We should understand how the said skin wants to look like, and if
necessary, maybe introduce a new color for that position and update
the existing skins too.

is considered spam with *** 99.82% *** probability?!?!?  Wat???

How on earth am I supposed to file a comment, then?????

Guys, seriously, I'm sick and tired of all this.

We've spoken up many-many times that the development infrastructure of
mc is dying.  We've asked you guys many times to fix this.
Practically nothing (or at least nothing visible) has happened.

PLEASE be this the very next issue that you FIX.

Not play around, not fiddle with, not hack a little bit, not tune some
parameter, not experiment with something that might work, but:




I'm just about to give up contributing to mc at all.  It's just not
worth it _for me_ when I can't even file a freaking comment.

Please get back to me ONCE when you've FIXED it.  I don't care when it
happens.  Take your time.  But when it happens, when you come back to
me and say it's fixed, I do expect it to be fixed once and for all.
If it still rejects a message for me after that, you won't hear about
me for a very long time.  Probably until brand new developers take
over the project's maintenance.


On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 5:57 PM, Andrew Borodin <aborodin vmail ru> wrote:
On Mon, 23 Feb 2015 17:16:19 +0100 Egmont Koblinger wrote:
Actually, I got the same message again.  I can't submit my newest bug report.

Sorry. I still hope to make spam filter more corresponding to spam and ham.
For last day, there 3 real spam messages was banned.

(Which, for reference is: F2 followed by F1 brings up an error about
missing help.)

I've created the ticket.


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