Ticket comment rejected and lost


So... I wanted to submit a comment to ticket 2027... I logged in,
wrote about 10-15 lines, and after clicking Submit I was given an
error, something like "Submission rejected because of suspected spam"
(can't remember the exact words).  Then I hit FF's back button, got
back to the ticket's page, with my comment just whooops being gone
(although FF remembers these fields, unless there's some JS magic to
clear them).

We've spoken up many times how the current bugtracker doesn't function
properly.  Allegedly there has been some work, but I still see
duplicate reports and tons of spam on the list; honestly,
unfortunately I can't see any improvement.  Quite the opposite to be
honest, it just ate my work, considered me a spammer, and have no idea
if (and why) it'll refuse it again.  Anyway, I'll save externally
before hitting submit.


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