mc tabs

Dear all,

Sorry for the delay. I've had some personal problems but now I am ready to take care of the mc tabs. Please note that I've modified the 1581 ticket and also attached a patch there.

Egmont, I've also added basically everything that you said I should in our last conversation.

Now the tabs are responsive to the mouse, can be moved from one panel to the other, the current tab can be copied to the current panel and also the current tabs on both panels can be swapped.

Extra, the tabs position can be changed.

I am using mc-4.8.13 with tabs without problems since more than one month daily at my work (Win7/cygwin), at home (arch linux) and on my servers (red hat and cent os).

Before, I've used without problems mc-4.8.10 with tabs for I think more than one year.

Cosmin Popescu.

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