Possible bugs when compiling with ncurses lib

Hi there,

just trying to compile MC 4.8.11 on a cluster system which doesn't have the S-Lang library available, but only ncurses. I get some errors I'd like to share. Sorry if those are duplicates and have been resolved in recent developer versions (I haven't checked those).

My configure command:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/opt/mc/ --with-screen=ncurses

Then, running make I get the following error in lib/tty/key.c:

make[3]: Entering directory `/home1/02602/msitte/src/mc-4.8.11/lib/tty'
  CC       color-internal.lo
  CC       color.lo
  CC       key.lo
key.c(1115): warning #2338: this switch statement does not have a default clause
          switch (c)

key.c(2121): error: identifier "flag" is undefined
      flag = is_wintouched (stdscr);

When moving the declaration out of the loop, that files compiles nicely.

Next error in lib/tty/tty-ncurses.c:

tty-ncurses.c(222): warning #266: function "disable_bracketed_paste" declared implicitly
      disable_bracketed_paste ();

tty-ncurses.c(534): error: identifier "str" is undefined
          res = g_unichar_to_utf8 (c, (char *) str);

Here, too, move the declaration of str ahead and it compiles.

Finally, after `make install' I have a nice executable that seems to work fine, though.

If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

  Matthias Sitte

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