Re: mc-devel Digest, Vol 116, Issue 2

On Thu, 07 Aug 2014 05:00:04 -0700, <mc-devel-request gnome org> wrote:

Can mc be configured to be able to open .msi files and extract content from them in same manner as other archives? Is there any reason other than lack of interest by mc devs why it doesn't already?

(Googling anything for any program with a 2 character most commonly used name is rather problematic. Googling "midnight commander" found me nothing useful, and same with tracker search for .msi.) :-p

Personally I have never needed to peek into msi files, but...

All you need is an msi extractor program and then edit F2 menu and/or
extension file (F9->Command->[down the bottom]). I hear 7-zip works on msi.
I could be wrong though, I have no msi files to play with.

Peace and Cheer

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