Re: MC Tabs

On Mon, 14 Oct 2013 20:20:19 +0200 Cosmin Popescu wrote:
Please find attached my contribution to mc: tabs like Total Commander has.

This is a known issue:

I am a regular midnight commander user. I use it for all my file exploring
needs on several systems. I use it under Arch Linux and Ubuntu at home,
under Red Hat on various servers that I administer and under Cygwin on
Windows 7 at work.

One of the things that was missing were the tabs and I hated all the time,
when I needed to copy some files from a location to several locations to
have to change the folder so many times.

You will find an archive containing several patches that will add tabs to
MC and a keymap file to map some shortcuts for the tabs. Another message
will follow with some screen shots.

Bugtracker is rather than e-mail to collect requests. This is some guarantee
that your request will not be forgotten.

Inside the archive there is an executable file called apply-patch that will
apply all the pathes on the required files. To install the patch, just
un-archive the patch.tar.gz inside the root folder of mc-4.8.10 archive, cd
to patch and run ./apply-patch.

Please, no. Use "diff -ruNp" to create patch if you're working with snapshot.
Or "git format-patch", or "git diff" if you're working with repo.


Also, please note that in the src/filemanager/filegui.c you have a small
bug at the line 288. The closing bracket of the function is inside the
#ifdef directive, while the opening one is outside. The program will of
course fail to compile under cygwin, so I've corrected it.

This is already fixed:
That is why you should use recent repo snapshot instead of release tarball.

In the src/filemanager/mountlist.c, on the line 245 you are using the
_GL_UNUSED macro. This will also fail to compile on my version of cygwin.
Although I know that probably I have to add a dev package to have the macro
defined, I don't think that it should be the case to do that just to avoid
a warning (to add a dependency). I would do that with something like #ifdef
_CYGWIN_ directive, but since this might be because of my installation of
cygwin, I didn't modify it in the patch that I've sent you.

Thanks! This code was borrowed from gnulib. Seems I missed somesing. I'll check


Please let me know if you would like to include the tabs in your main
source repository. If not, do you have something against me posting the
patch on sourceforce and github?

The best way is following:
1. Clone git repo, or if you are not familiar with git, get recent snapshot:
2. Create patch.
3. Attach this patch (and some description as you wish) to the ticket #1581.
You must be registered at m-c.o for that.


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