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Strictly IMHO (I'm not a developer, just a casual contributor):

I've also wondered about this... MC follows the standard model of two concurrent branches (devel containing new and riskier changes, vs. stable for obvious bugfixes but no big changes or new features; where every once in a while the devel branch is stablized to the new stable and a new devel is branched out).  It's only the numbering that's a bit unusual (not the standard x.even.y = stable, x.odd.y = devel, but something more complicated), but it's clearly noted on the homepage which version is stable and which is devel.

So I guess this is a very good question, but I'm afraid MC developers are not the right people to answer this.  I think you should ask distributions why they choose the devel version, it's their decision (their "fault" if you wish).  I think we'd all be eager to hear their reasons.


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Last Debian, Fedora & *buntu releases had 4.8.x. Current Gentoo is 4.8.7. Mageia 3 is about to be released with 4.8.7. So, why does the stable/4.8.1.x branch even exist?
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