Re: new development model?

Hi Ossi,

Yes, we've moved git repo to Github because we need to continue to write a code even if our main site will switched down for some reasons. In any case, we didn't change development workflow: all patches should be attached to tickets on m-c.o (but in my personal opinion, much easily way will: to create a pull request and to leave a comment in ticket with link to the pull request). Right now please, continue to contribute as usually.


2013/12/15 Oswald Buddenhagen <ossi kde org>
hi guys,

it appears that you moved the primary git repo to github.
did i miss the announcement on this list, or did you simply forget to
make one?
anyway, you updated the home page, but not the various wiki pages, so i
have no clue in how far the information as a whole is still current. how
do i contribute? as before? via pull requests?
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