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I notified the maintainer of, asked him to update the regexps that figure out the latest stable mc release.

He told me - and unfortunately I can only agree with him - that the wording on MC's homepage is very confusing.  It mentions two releases, "latest" and "latest stable", people would obviously think that the "latest" refers to unstable.  The comment that tries to clarify the situation is more confusing rather than clarifying, how come you recommend not to use the stable?

He insist - and again, I cannot disagree with it - that his page promotes the latest *stable* of all software.  Given mc's new development model and the wording used right now, he would stick with forever.

Could you please reconsider the terminology, or the contents current homepage?

E.g. you might begin to call the current releases 'stable', e.g. 4.8.8 is the first stable of the 4.8.x series.

Or, you might want to remove the former stable from the main homepage and keep it only in the Downloads section.  Or something like this...

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On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 2:03 PM, Felix Miata <mrmazda earthlink net> wrote:
On 2013-02-21 13:42 (GMT+0400) Andrew Borodin composed:

On Wed, 20 Feb 2013 14:33:02 +0100 Egmont Koblinger wrote:

Andrew:  Is it that soon there will be a 4.9.1.x stable and 4.9.x devel

No, not soon. 4.8.x series is still continued. 4.9 should be well stable, without major and annoying defects and with some major features.

Above response leaves me quite confused. :-(

Or you give up this development model and stick to a single branch
from now on?


You mean eventually there will be only one version instead of two?

If the latter, I think it should be made obvious on the
homepage (maybe when 4.8.8 is released), and the "Our release workflow"
page should also be updated.

Yes, certainly.

My original thread starter question hasn't really been answered yet. Who is the 4.8.1.x branch for, since it seems major distro's latest releases are using 4.8.x, with openSUSE that doesn't even release using latest in 4.8.1.x line the only exception I'm aware of?

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