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Hi Slava,
I just want to let you (and all other interested people) know that both versions - and 4.8.5 - build fine on Solaris.


Dne 10.09.12 19:42, Slava Zanko napsal(a):
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Hi all,

mc- now released (stable).
Download page:

Major changes and fixes since

- - Editor

     * Code refactoring and cleanup (#1977)

- - Misc

     * Use unrar to view RAR archives if rar is unavailable (#2847)
     * Syntax highlighting news and updates:
         - update assembler.syntax: x86 AMD64 registers highlighting
         - new cmake.syntax: preliminary and incomplete syntax file for
CMakeLists.txt files (#2084)
         - new dlink.syntax: syntax highlighting for D-Link switches
command set (#2649)
         - update properties.syntax: more nice look-and-feel (#1869)
     * File extension support:
         - .ogm extension was deprecated in favor of .ogv (#2664)

- - Fixes

     * CK_History removes CK_HistoryNext entries (#2313)
     * Partially broken loading of user-defined keymap file (#2848)
     * Enter on directory named '~' goes to the home one (#2874)
     * Cannot Copy/Move files with filename encoding change (#2791)
     * Duplicate entities in panel with 'tree view' mode (#2835)
     * Broken synchronization with filelist and tree panels (#2862)
     * mcedit segfaults after call "Back from declaration" (#2859)
     * mcedit: unable to save changes in "Safe save" mode(#2832)
     * Broken 'Enter' action on a rpm file containing space character
in filename (#2838)
     * extfs: uc1541 broken handling (#2864)
     * mc.ext: OGV format handled as audio (#2869)

- --
WBR, mc development team.
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