Re: Forced HTTPS on web site

> I do not feel so inclined to fight with you or try to prove anything
> to you. There is also no need to lecture me on how encryption, WOT
> or similar works. I have used PGP (incl. WOT among my personal
> friends) since early 1990s and also implemented RSA from scratch back
> then by myself, just to see how it works.
> I am just wondering what kind of world you think you live in. Just 
> because something works on your specific OS and browser, it does not 
> mean that everything outside is not "sane" or "misconfigured" or 
> "broken" in any way.
> FYI: I use Windows XP Pro SP1. And I do like to rely on the
> respective browsers' built-in root certificate lists.

Oh, and BTW: In Ubuntu the certs are not accepted either in my browsers.
Thank God!

> Let's close this topic, okay? It is really not worth fighting about. 
> Just note that not everything is wrong or broken which is different
> from your setup.

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