Re: Midnight Commander 4.8.7 (latest) released

I've tested 4.8.7 and found a couple of bugs:

1. Its behavior for persistent selection differs from very convenient behavior of (from Debian Squeeze): when I select text by Shift+End, then copy with Ctrl+Ins, then press Enter and paste with Shift+Ins, then text is pasted to selected region, not to new line. It seems that selection have to be dropped not only after arrows or regular key pressings, but also after press of Enter.

2. It is interesting, but when I edited ~/.config/mc/ini file with mcedit invoked as internal editor from mc and set editor_persistent_selections to 0, then I closed this file and opened again within mc and got value of 0, but when I closed the file, exited from mc, then invoked mc again and opened the file with mcedit, I got the value of 1. I've managed to set it to 0 only by nano =)

3. It is long running bug (at least I saw it on too): if I create archive, open it with mc vfs, then add some file to archive (even with some content) and recreate the archive and open it with mc vfs again, I get old content of the archive.

Sergey Naumov.

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