MC and external apps

I'm trying to get MC to open sound files in MoC, and .txt files in leafpad.
But I'm having no luck at all. I was able to get it to open video files in
vlc instead of mplayer, but for some reason I can't get the other two apps
to work.

For MoC, under the Sound Files section of MC, I changed:

Open=mplayer -vo null %f


Open=wterm -e mocp -vo null %f

But that was a no-go. And under the Documents section I changed:

Open=%vim{EDITOR:vi} %f


Open=%leafpad{EDITOR:leafpad} %f

So does anyone happen to see what I'm doing wrong? One more thing, is there
anyway to get MC to automatically open to a certain size when I start it?
I'm constantly having to resize the terminal window everytime I start MC and
I was just wondering if there was a way around this.

Thanks for any help.
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