Re: bug in mc when open zfs snapshots and mc-light theme

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05.02.2011 13:37, Veneto IT wrote:

> This bug occures, when open snapshots in hidden zfs snapshot directory
> .zfs (only in hidden!).
> For example:
> cd /tank/.zfs/snapshot/mysnapshot/
> It dosn't opens and reloads root directory
> But Mc opens whithout errors
> cd  /tank/.zfs/snapshot/
> *OS - Freebsd,  Filesystem - Zfs*

Can you show output of 'mc -V' command? What have permissions on hidden
directory? May be, have some xattrs or ACLs?..

BTW, if you will find the cause of the error, we will fix this bug ASAP,
but just FYI: no any of developers have Freebsd with ZFS snapsots, sorry :(
Personally for me, I don't have time to install	FreeBSD and seting up
test environment (don't have time at the present time, sorry for the
tautology :). So, the fate of this bug is in your hands.

> In mc-light this operation  works very well.

Current mc and mc-light have huge count of differences, therefore
not surprising that there are differences in behavior (even if not to
the better side).

> And send my mc-light theme colors.
Thanks, your skin will added to repo in near time.

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WBR, Slavaz.
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