mc and subshell problem (zsh)

I have a problem with subshell support from some time on my debian box.
I've strace'd the mc loading. I've put the log here:

As you can see there is a timeout in the one before last line.
There is hung for several seconds and then the mc finish loading and
works but I don't have subshell available then.
This problems occurs when working localy on the machine, but on the
contrary when I login via ssh, then it works!
Even more: when I change the shell to /bin/bash (SHELL=/bin/bash)
instead of my zsh then it also works (localy and via ssh)!
Could you please take a look into the log and tell me if this
is a zsh problem?
How can i solve this? I don't like to switch to bash.

Mariusz Bialonczyk
jabber/e-mail: manio skyboo net

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