Notification to the translators


Hmmm... I guess it's actually the first time we are going to hold our
promise to warn the translators *prior* to the release party. Having
that said, we currently have the following tentative timelines in mind:

1) release is hopefully going to be cut this weekend. This will
be the last release from the 4.7.0.x stable series.

Please check your translations this week prior to the release! 

Overall, we think that the translations for the stable branch are in a
pretty good shape and understandably there haven't been much changes in
the strings so it's quite easy to keep up. 

However, several patches caused many fuzzies, so please go through the
translation again. Transifex allows to do this quickly and in an
uncomplicated manner.

2) 4.7.5 release will hopefully happen within the next few weeks. This
release will be a new base for stable branch (e.g. 4.7.5.x), therefore
we would like to complete several important endeavors, such as
re-indenting the code before release, code split-ups etc.

For this reason, we can't name a definite release date, but it's coming
on... Hopefully, by the time of the release we will be able to merge all
outstanding bug fixes in the master branch.

The strings, therefore, are not expected to change much, so you can
already start working on a translation for the upcoming 4.7.5.

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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