Re: mc troubles

On Sun, 23 May 2010 09:05:06 +0400 "mike sobolev" wrote:
> I don't know, is it a bug, but.. MC doesn't highlight file names by
> its permission attributes. 

File names are not highlighted by file permissions.

man mc says:

You can specify whether permissions and  file  types  should  be  high-
lighted  with  distinctive  Colors.   If the permission highlighting is
enabled, the parts of the perm and mode display fields which  apply  to
the  user  running  Midnight  Commander  are highlighted with the color
defined by the selected keyword.  If  the  file  type  highlighting  is
enabled,  files  are  colored according to their file type (e.g. direc-
tory, core file, executable, and so on).


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