Problem with question mark in the filename


i know that this is not the right place to open a bug, but i do miss a
guide 'how to submit bugs for mc' on ;)

Often i download patches for SeaMonkey and get files with a question
mark. One example is Using
wget to fetch this patch gives a file with the name

My build script for SM will automatically apply this patch. If i wish to
disable a patch for the next build a convenient way is to rename the
file by prefixing the filename with an x.

mc should be able to do this. But. *g*

Here is a testcase.

Create a new temp dir and change to it. Then issue
touch a1?b2
Navigate to a1?b2 and press F6
a ESC TAB Home x gives xa1?b2 as intended
The filename changes to xa1a1?b2b2 after confirmation.

This result isn't really that one which was wanted. I am using

hafi e675 ~ $ mc --version
GNU Midnight Commander 4.7.3


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