Re: Some keys are not properly recognized in Konsole/xterm

On Mon, 2010-02-01 at 06:41 -0500, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Feb 2010, Miguel Pérez wrote:
> > I'm using Konsole, set to the xterm (XFree 4.x.x) keyboard, and $TERM is
> > xterm. These are the key combinations that produce escape sequences but
> > aren't recognized by mc. Everything else either works, or doesn't produce a
> konsole doesn't send escape sequences that match xterm.
> Use "infocmp konsole xterm" to see this.

I've noticed similar problems with GNOME terminal in recent versions of
MC included with Redhat Fedora. In particular the ctrl-pgup and
ctrl-pgdn functionality was recently moved to the ctrl-home and ctrl-end
key combos. These key combos don't work in GNOME terminal, so the
ability to get instantly to the top and bottom of the file in the MC
editor is now lost on GNOME-based GNU/Linux systems (unless the user
manually remaps the functionality back to a usable key combo). 

I'm assuming that in the past, important functionality was intentionally
limited to key combos that worked with major term programs like GNOME
terminal and Konsole but it seems as if usability on those systems is no
longer being tested (or perhaps no longer considered important)? 

Anyway, it would be nice to see MC work out of the box on GNOME terminal
and konsole again on future versions. I love MC but I use GNOME terminal
far more often than xterm.


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