redefining keys

There are language issues in the section about redefining hotkeys in mc.hlp. Please find a suggested editing here below. The question marks
in the last paragraph indicate that I did not understand the text.

Further there is no indication in the help file that F1-F10 cannot
be redefined, but I failed consistently when trying. Is this intended,
is it a feature and not a bug?

--- suggested editing ----------

Redefine hotkey bindings

Hotkey bindings may be read from an external file (keymap-file)
overriding the defaults. The keymap-file is determined using the
following approach (with decreasing priority):

    1) Command line option -K <keymap> or --keymap=<keymap>
    2) Environment variable MC_KEYMAP
    3) Config file parameter keymap in section [Midnight Commander]
    4) File ~/.mc/mc.keymap
    5) File /usr/local/etc/mc/mc.keymap
    6) File /usr/local/share/mc/mc.keymap

Command line option, environment variable and parameter in the config
file may contain the absolute path to the keymap-file with or
without the extension .keymap.

Otherwise [???????????????????????],
the keymap-file will be looked for in (with decreasing priority):

    1) ~/.mc/
    2) /usr/local/etc/mc/
    3) /usr/local/share/mc/

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